20th AMSE | Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics | 30 August - 3 September 2017, Szklarska Poręba, Poland


Below are links to the positively reviewed papers published as the conference proceedings. First file with the title page contains also editorial information.

  1. Title Page, Contents and Foreword
  2. Marek Biernacki: Comparison of Selected National Healthcare Systems' Efficiency
  3. Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Iwona Markowicz: The Assessment of the Situation of Listed Companies in Macrosectors in a Bear Market – Duration Analysis Models
  4. Diana Bílková: Clusters of the Czech Regions and 31 Chosen European Countries According to the Wage Level, Wage Models and Gender Gap by the Czech Regions
  5. Martin Boďa, Mária Kanderová: Selecting a Small Portfolio of Equities: One-stop Shopping Approach to Screening
  6. Adam Čabla: Right Tail of the Unemployment Duration in the Czech Republic
  7. Magdalena Daszkiewicz, Edyta Mazurek: The Perception of Wroclaw as a Liveable City
  8. Michal Demetrian, Rudolf Zimka, Emília Zimková: On Liu´s Criterion in Asada´s Model of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  9. Joanna Dębicka, Stanisław Heilpern: Investor’s Expected Profit from Viatical Settlements
  10. Tomáš Fiala, Jitka Langhamrová: Pension Age Which Would Guarantee Stabilization of the Old Age Dependency Ratio
  11. Samuel Flimmel, Matej Čamaj, Ivana Malá, Jiří Procházka: Comparison of Robust Methods for ARMA Order Estimation
  12. Jan Fojtík, Jiří Procházka, Pavel Zimmermann, Simona Macková, Markéta Švehláková: Alternative Approach for Fast Estimation of Life Insurance Liabilities
  13. Kateřina Gawthorpe: Potential of Local Currencies in the Czech Republic: DSGE model
  14. Kateřina Gawthorpe, Karel Šafr: Regional & Multi-Sector Input-Output Model for the Czech Republic
  15. Michal Gerthofer, Václav Sládek, Pavel Zimmermann: Estimation of Incurred but Not yet Reported Claims Based on Poisson Distributed Reporting Delay
  16. Mária Grausová, Miroslav Hužvár, Zuzana Rigová: Efficiency Assessment of Slovakian Universities
  17. Richard Horský: Non-stationary Stochastic Sequences as Solutions to Ill-posed Problems
  18. Samuel Hudec: Modelling the Force of Mortality Using Local Polynomial Method in R
  19. Michaela Jirková, Petr Musil: Analysis of Economies of Scale in Czech Households Based on Different Approaches
  20. Miloš Kaňka: Segmented Regression Based on the Principle of Cut-off Polynomials with a Solved Economic Example
  21. Alena Kaščáková, Viera Mendelová, Gabriela Nedelová: Weighting Methods in Construction of Active Ageing Indicator
  22. Katarína Kyseľová, Rudolf Zimka: On Bautin Bifurcation in a Monetary Dynamic Model
  23. Peter Laco, Martina Kallová: Factors Influencing Corporate Websites’ Value
  24. Ivana Malá: The Use of L-Moments in Modelling of Deprivation of the Population Aged over 50 in the Czech Republic
  25. Agnieszka Marciniuk: Marriage Reverse Annuity Contract and Reverse Mortgage – Application of a Generalized Model of Reversionary Annuity
  26. Luboš Marek, Michal Vrabec, Petr Berka: Are Wages in the Czech Republic and Poland Equal?
  27. Petr Musil, Jana Kramulová, Jan Zeman, Václav Vrabec: Possible Extension of Regional Statistics – Households' Wealth – Methods and Preliminary Results
  28. Katarzyna Ostasiewicz: Comparing Some Properties of Leftist and Rightist Measures of Inequality
  29. Lucie Plzáková: Evaluation of Public Finance in the Tourism Sector at the Municipal Budget Level
  30. Jiří Procházka, Samuel Flimmel, Matej Čamaj, Milan Bašta: Modelling the Number of Road Accidents
  31. Agnieszka Przybylska-Mazur: The Brake Public Debt Rule as An Instrument to Stabilize the Debt – Results for Poland
  32. Hana Řezanková, Zuzana Křečková: Selected Gender Gap Indicators – Comparison of V4 Countries within EU Context
  33. Anna Sączewska-Piotrowska, Damian Piotrowski: Lifestyle Characteristics of Poor and Rich People in Poland
  34. Karel Šafr, Jaroslav Sixta: Methods for the Estimates of Regional Economic Structures
  35. Martina Šimková, Luboš Marek: Age Structure of Labour Force and Its Impact on Wages and Product
  36. Ondřej Šimpach: Normality and Principal Component Approach Towards Fertility Time Series in Poland and Czechia
  37. Jana Špirková, Igor Kollár, Gábor Szűcs, Mária Spišiaková: Valuation of Second Pillar Pension Products in Slovakia
  38. Jana Špirková, Peter Laco, Pavol Kráľ, Jana Štrangfeldová: Determination of the Optimal Premium for the Economically Active and Inactive Population in Health Insurance in Slovakia
  39. Zdeněk Šulc, Jana Cibulková, Jiří Procházka, Martin Matějka: Comparison of Economic and Non-economic Datasets with Categorical Variables in Hierarchical Clustering
  40. Lucia Švábová, Marek Ďurica: Application of Logistic Regression in Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of Graduate Practice Measure in Slovakia
  41. Prokop Závodský, Ondřej Šimpach: Karl Czoernig and the State Statistics of the Habsburg Monarchy
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