20th AMSE | Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics | 30 August - 3 September 2017, Szklarska Poręba, Poland


Attractions and monuments of Szklarska Poręba presented in English, Czech and Polish.

After the end of the presentation section on Friday, 1 September 2017, there will be an opportunity to make a small sight-seeing trip in Szklarska Poręba, to see some attractions and viewpoints, i.a. Szklarka Waterfall. Szklarka Waterfall is the picturesquely situated waterfall in The Karkonoski National Park Enclave covering the gorgeous main part of Szklarka creek called Wąwóz Szklarki (Szklarka Gorge). In the middle part of the Gorge, on a rocky threshold 520 m above sea level, Szklarka Waterfall cascades down narrowing and turning spirally at the bottom. The waterfall’s stream is 13,3 m high. The left bank of rocky threshold is covered by large marmites (deepening in creek or river bottom created by evorsion at the waterfall’s foot, or a rocky threshold). First information about Szklarka Waterfall appeared in the Middle Ages. Through all centuries until present times the waterfall was the object of pictures, photographs, descriptions since it was considered the place of unique beauty and romantic atmosphere. In 1868 an inn was build by the waterfall which, in time, was transformed into the currently functioning “Kochanówka” Hostel. An exceptional attraction for 19th century tourists was regulating the flow of water reaching the waterfall and letting it off after collecting fees from visitors (Source, Map).

On Saturday, 2 September 2017, a whole-day trip will be organized for conference participants in the close surroundings of Szklarska Poręba. Several options will be offered and they are specified below, but some details can change in future or be agreed in the day of the trip.
We set out together on the journey from the hotel after breakfast at 9:15.
Stages of the journey (all numbered points in parentheses are marked on the map below):
1. (CIL)->(2): walk from the hotel to the railway station Szklarska Poręba Dolna on the train at 10:04 to the station Szklarska Poręba Górna,
2. (2)->(9): travell by train 10:04-10:12, waiting on the station about a quarter of an hour for the change train for the Izera Railway,
3. (9)->(4)->(5): Izera Railway start at 10:29, in Harrachov at 10:55 do not get off, go back the same train from Harrachov at 10:57 to Poland, get off at 11:07 in Jakuszyce,
4. (5)->(11): walk uphill to Hala Szrenicka.
ATTENTION: there could be a locally marshy ground on the way from Jakuszyce to Hala Szrenicka (good shoes recommended)!

Choose variant (time and distance include common walk uphill to Hala Szrenicka):

A (easy) variant for persons with problems at going downhill (e.g. problems with knees), on foot less than 10 km / 3 h plus visit in Szklarska Poręba Górna:
5. (11)->(9): time for individual lunch planned on Hala Szrenicka, red trail from Hala Szrenicka to Szrenica, group chairlift downhill, return on foot from bottom chairlift station according to the next picture below or free time visit in Szklarska Poręba Górna and return e.g. by train to Szklarska Poręba Dolna at 16:45 or 18:30.

B (medium) on foot about 13 km / 4 h plus visit in Szklarska Poręba Górna:
5. (11)->(7)->(10)->(9): time for individual lunch planned on Hala Szrenicka, possible climb by red trail from Hala Szrenicka to Szrenica, walk downhill from Szrenica by Kamieńczyk Waterfall, return on foot from bottom chairlift station according to the next picture below or free time visit in Szklarska Poręba Górna and return e.g. by train to Szklarska Poręba Dolna at 16:45 or 18:30.

C (advanced) on foot 19 km / 6 h:
5. (11)->(12)->(13)->(CIL): time for individual lunch planned on Hala Szrenicka, walk through Szrenica to Schronisko Pod Łabskim Szczytem, walk downhill by Szklarka Waterfall to the hotel.

Proposal of the return on foot from the bottom chairlift station to the hotel:

  1. Black trail to the Glass Factory in the Woods (Polish: Leśna Huta, Czech: Sklárna) with possibility of individual visit.
  2. Black trail to the road intersection at Indian Village Canoe (Polish: "Wioska Indiańska Canoe").
  3. Green trail to the car park at river.
  4. Black trail to the rocks "Mszaki", then descent from the black trail on the path to the Hotel "Orla Skała".

Izera railway (Polish: Kolej Izerska, German: Zackenbahn) is a line connecting the Polish town of Jelenia Góra (Hirschberg) with Szklarska Poręba (Schreiberhau). It is part of the former Prussian Zackenbahn, that used to connect Prussia with the Austro-Hungarian Empire via the New World Pass (Polish: Przełęcz Szklarska, Czech: Novosvětský průsmyk).
The name comes from Jizera Mountains. The first section at the foothills of the Giant Mountains (German: Riesengebirge, Polish: Karkonosze, Czech: Krkonoše) was completed in 1891. The mountain section took several more years to finish. The railway station Jakobsthal (Jakuszyce) close to the New World Pass became the highest railway station in Prussia. The terminal station was Polaun/Grünthal (Kořenov). The complete track was opened in 1902, together with the Cog railway Tannwald-Grünthal (Czech: Tanvaldská ozubnicová dráha). The line was electrified in 1923.
In April 1945 most of the locomotives were evacuated. Some were captured in the border station Polaun/Grünthal by the advancing Red Army. After the war, the electric equipment was dismantled and together with the remaining locomotives transported to the Soviet Union as reparation. Silesia was transferred to Poland, and cross-border traffic was abolished. Following an exchange of border territories between Czechoslovakia and Poland, the Bohemian part was extended to Harrachov, and that became the new terminal station.
Polish State Railways (PKP) operated passenger trains as far as Szklarska Poręba Huta (Josephinenhütte) and freight trains as far as Jakuszyce. Except for a one-day celebration on the 100th anniversary in 2002, cross border traffic was never restored. Due to decision of the Common Monitoring Committee of Operational Programme of European Transborder Cooperation Czech Republic - Poland 2007-2013 the execution of the project "Revitalization of the Railway Line Szklarska Poreba - Harrachov" will be provided. This project has been recommended to be awarded a subsidy. The reconstruction work started in June 2009 on the Polish side, in October 2009 also on the Czech side. The regular public rail transport across the border started on August 28, 2010. Untli December 2015 the trains were operated both by a Polish company Przewozy Regionalne and a Czech company Viamont A.S., now they are operated by Koleje Dolnośląskie and České dráhy.
Some believe the section between Szklarska Poręba Górna and Harrachov would be an ideal location for a steam locomotive scenic railway.